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 She Talks To Angels

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PostSubject: She Talks To Angels   Thu Jan 13 2011, 22:54

She never mentions the word addiction
in certain company
Yes,she'll tell you she's an orphan
after you meet her family

she paints her eyes as black as night now
she pulls those shades down tight
she gives a smile when the pain comes
the pain gonna make everything alright

says she talks to angels
they call her out by her name
oh yeah, she talks to angels
says they call her out by her name

she keeps a lock of hair in her pocket
she wears a cross around her neck
yes the hairs are from a little boy
and the cross from someone she has not met
not yet


she don't know no lovers
none that I've ever seen
and to her that means nothing
but to me it means, means everything

(repeat second verse)
(repeat chorus)
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She Talks To Angels
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