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 MCR Songs Covered by Other Bands

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Chemical Missiles Proffesor

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PostSubject: MCR Songs Covered by Other Bands   Mon Apr 27 2009, 11:15

I thought why not. They are great bands out there who does cover songs on these guys' work. Just post them up if you found any.

Here's a recent one done by a band called Voltaire. They did the song, Blood.

And this one is recommended by Mikey on the band's website. It's a band called Members of the Press. They covered the song, Dead! It's pretty well done for a bunch of kids. Really!

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Nuclear Species

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PostSubject: Re: MCR Songs Covered by Other Bands   Mon Apr 27 2009, 14:17

OK DUDE I LOVE THAT Voltaire'S BLOOD HAHA!!!kick ass!!!

it's actually very interesting seeing other bands play their song. different voice..u know..just love it..

the second one...LoL!!!really...when the starting...he "yehhhhhhh" LMAO...i just cant stop laughing..they're pretty cool ahha got potential!!so cute... rock on rock on rock on

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MCR Songs Covered by Other Bands
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