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 Frank Signing at LoserKid Store (15th Feb 2009)

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PostSubject: Frank Signing at LoserKid Store (15th Feb 2009)   Wed Feb 18 2009, 11:35

An interesting review from a girl called Felon Tara who managed to go to the event.
Quote :
The first thing that I would like to say is, THANK YOU Warden Becks, without you i would have neither known or gone to this signing. =]]

ok, so after what seemed like forever of talking and convincing my parents to give me a ride down to San Marcos, my dad[[heaven bless him!!]] volunteered to drive me! so i made a quick stop at home, changed into my favorite MCR shirt and got down my favorite MCR poster from my wall, and i was on my way! We made what should have been an hour and a half drive...in 30 MINUTES!! wooh wooh! o yea! driving like a maniac and going at least 90mph weaving thorugh cars the entire way. all the while texting Warden Becks.

Once i finally arrived at LoserKids, i told my dad, 'Hurry UP AND STOP ALREADY!!! i need to get in line!!!' hahaa, i guesss you could say i was pretty anxious already. So i jumped out of the car and ran to the line. Then i asked the guy next to me to hold my spot for a while so I could go to the very very front of the line and meet Felon Melissa and Felon Alma. When i got to the front, i just looked at them an said 'which ones of you are Alma and Melissa??' Melissa was there with her dad and little sister, Alma was with her friend Dorothy. We all talked about various and random things for a while. Until one of the girls that worked there came out with Macbeth guitar picks and stickers![[pictures of those are in Warden Beck's previous blog]] After she went through the line with those she went back in then out with a clipboard and raffle tickets. we wrote down our emails and names on it to enter the raffle. THe winner won a pair of the Macbeth shoes Frankie designed, i'm not sure, but i think he autographed them.

They started to let people in around 2:40 or 2:50pm in groups of 10. When they started to let them in i went back to my spot, wouldnt want to cheat any other Frank fans. So i waited..and waited..listening to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge on my ipod. As soon as i got up to the window, i practically screamed at Becks through text 'I CAN SEE HIM! I CAN SEE FRANKIE!!' hahaa, immediatly i started taking pictures through the windows! [[they came out really crappy an yuu cant really see him]] Getting closer and closer to going in, my heart was beating faster than a puma in a nighthawk racing the sunrise!!

When i finally got in, i was lucky number 10 in my group. And once i was about 4 people away, i realized my MCR poster was still rolled up.[[i stupidly taped it to stay rolled]] an then i couldn't get it unrolled!!! it was my turn then and i look at him an say 'I'm so sorry, i can't get my poster unrolled!!' he laughs and says 'thats okay. here, let me help you with that.'[[by this time I'm already mesmerized by his voice/smile/very presence!]] he whips out a pocket knife and while hes doing that i blurt out 'i'm a member of MCRi-My Chemical Ro-My Chem Crime. It's really riff.' frankie:'oh yea, i've heard of that, yea someone was talking to me about that in the very beginning.' me: 'yea they've really helped me through some tough times. My Chem Crime has this one section called Heaven Help us, and it has teen help lines for suicidal hot lines and abused teens and all. I used to be really screwed up 'til a friend of mine brought me to MCRime convinced me to call it. and now im a lot of a better person than i was.' frankie:'yea you know i think that's really cool, 'cuz a lot of people aren't mature or strong enough to take that extra step to get help. A lot of people will usually just wait until it's too late or they're forced to get help. It's all about maturity y'know?' me:'yea, i get what you mean Frankie. Another thing that helped me a lot though, the song that helped me and spoke to me so clearly! was Famous Last Words, the chorus especially!' frankie:'yea that's a good song with a good message. [[looks down to my poster]] so how do you spell your name tara?' me: 't-a-r-a, tara' frankie: 'there you go" me: 'oh! and a picture! please.' frankie: 'yea of course!'

side note: As some of you may know, Frank usually signs with 'Keep the Faith, XOXO Frank'. Well, he decided to write something different! instead of the usual, he wrote 'Tara, Believe in Yourself XOXO Frank' [[squeals XDDDD]]

so i got my camera out and showed this one guy who was taking pictures how to use my camera, and got next to frank[[he smells like FRANKIE!! like cigarettes and something else, like Old Spice or something like that]] Once the picture was taken, i asked for a hug[[which he gladly gave =DD]] then i was ushered outside.

once i was outside again, i met up with Felon Alma, Felon Melissa, Felon Dorothy, and Melissa's little sister. When i came out..i was literally bouncing/prancing over to them and squealing my lil head off!! hahaa. i then gave them a recount of my experience with Frankie[[basically what i said in that long paragraph above]]..After a few minutes of talking, Warden Becks called!! we told her each of our [[amazing mind-boggling better-than-going-to-disneyland-your-first-time]] experiences with the great Frank Iero. and i offered to get back in line and let her 'meet' frank again via phone. she declined and said that today wasn't about her but thank you.

once every one had gone in and met frank, Frank and the other people who worked there and with him came to the door and started the raffle. The first ticket...a dud. noone claimed it. The second ticket..dud #2. again noone claimed it. Ticket #3....the girl next to me won![[congrats to her, whoever/wherever she may be]] she rushed up after screaming 'OH GOD! I WON!! THATS ME-MY TICKET!!' she then gave him her ticket and said, 'i did win, right?!' frankie:'ehhh..no..' her:'[[shocked face]] watt noo-' frankie:'[[big smile]]nawww! im just kiddin! you won!' her:'oh! you scared me so bad!!' then they started to go inside, and frank started to say his last goodbyes. i was right in front of the 'mob' crowding around him so i yelled 'FRank! Frankie! Frank! can i have just ONE more hug!??! pleeeassee!!?' frankie:'yea sure hahaa.[[opens upp arms]]' i pretty much bounced over into his arms with a big dumb smile on my face!! hahahaa, but it was worth it!

then people started to leave after that, though about 15 or 20 people stayed about 10 more minutes to see if he would come back out[[including me, Felon Alma, Felon Melissa, Felon Dorothy, an melissa's dad an sis]] well, while we were still talking to Becks on my cellphone, Felon Alma and Felon Dorothy left, and Felon Melissa Warden Becks and i decided to go behind the building and try to see Frank again when he leaves. Melissa's lil sis followed us behind too. Well, we found a door that we believed to be the back door to LoserKids, we knocked twice, no anser both times. we probably sat behind that building for 20 minutes or so. Then suddenly i hear Felon Melissa quietly shrieking 'There he is! Frankie's coming out! and his dog's are with him!!' haa, so we immediatly whip out our cameras and start to try and get more pictures of him!

even pepper and mama got to be stars in my little world!! [[pepper and mama are Frank's ADORABLE dogs]] Before he could get any farther away, Felon Melissa and i yelled really loud to frank to wait! he turned around and i said 'i'm sorry, but can i have another hug!?' he said yes, being the sweet guy he is. Then Felon Melissa asked if we could take another picture! this one guy who acted like he was his manager or something said, 'okay but hurry it up, we're kind of in a rush' after frank said 'sure sure'. so Felon Melissa and her lil sis got another picture, and i got another picture[[which is now my background on both my cellphone and computer]]

then i gave him one more hug! and they walked off...got into a black Macbeth van, one of those 15seaters it looked like. and drove off. Felon Melissa, her lil sis, and i walked back to the front of LoserKids, said our goodbyes, and walked to our cars. Once i was inside my car with my dad again, i could NOT stop shaking/bouncing!! i was soooo ecstatic about what had just happened in my life!! it was something i will, NEVER, forget..and it's all thanks to Warden Becks, and my dad for driving me..=]]]

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

And some pictures:

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Frank Signing at LoserKid Store (15th Feb 2009)
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