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 Another Comic Book Project By Gerard

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PostSubject: Another Comic Book Project By Gerard   Wed Oct 22 2008, 08:40

Found this on MikeyWayOnline

Quote :
Comic Book Resources got a chance to talk to Gerard Way at the Scream Awards on Saturday. Turns out Gerard is starting another project with “another writer”, is hoping Gabriel Ba would do the art for it, and it will be out next year. However, if Ba does the art, it would call for a break from The Umbrella Academy as both the artist and writer would be working on a different project. And Gerard is so excited that he had to say it twice.

Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s “The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite” was up for a number of awards at this year’s Scream Awards, and the My Chemical Romance lead singer told CBR News about his upcoming comics projects. “We’re doing ‘Umbrella Academy’ series 2 right now, that comes out in November,” Way said. “There’s going to be something next year I put out from Dark Horse that’s totally different from ‘Umbrella,’ I’m very excited about it. I’m working on it with another writer, I’m very excited about it.” Way hopes artist Gabriel Ba will provide art for the upcoming mystery project, which would necessitate a hiatus from “Umbrella Academy.” Also known for his work on “Cassanova” with Matt Fraction, Ba won the Best Comic Book Artist Award for his work on the “Umbrella Academy.”
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PostSubject: Re: Another Comic Book Project By Gerard   Thu Oct 23 2008, 08:27

woohooo~ TUA2!
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PostSubject: Re: Another Comic Book Project By Gerard   Thu Oct 23 2008, 13:27

wow~~~series 2??haha..what a success!!

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PostSubject: Re: Another Comic Book Project By Gerard   

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Another Comic Book Project By Gerard
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