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 Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)

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PostSubject: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Wed Oct 08 2008, 08:58

Hi! I'm not really a big fan of slashes but I wrote this as a slash between Gerard and Frank because I just sorta want to depict how strong their bond is. It's sorta a story I wrote after my own relationship had failed, sorta like a get-over it kinda thing. I wrote this about two years back, so I'm sorry if the story sounds sorta naive or not well-written. Smile Okay.. I'll stop yapping now. Hope you'll enjoy this and the message behind it! Smile

Heart Broken
The autumn cool breeze blew across the street and against the face of a heart-broken young man. The fallen red and orange and yellow tree leaves danced to the melody of the wind. So free. So content. The scent of the damp pavement wafted along.

The man shuddered at the smell. He paused and gazed up the black velvet sky. Diamonds of stars were sprinkled all over accompanied by the round full moon that shone ever so brightly into the dark whirlpool eyes. He let out a sigh in awe of the sight. A thin sheet of fog was the result of the sigh in the chilly weather. A small smile appeared on his face.

For a moment, all the pain, all the sadness, all the negativity seem to dissolve into thin air. Without realizing it, his vision of the magnificent sky blurred. He blinked furiously to clear it.

Drops of tears trickled smoothly and slowly down his cheek, passed the corner of his mouth and descended on to his chin before falling on his red hoodie, seeping into the fabric. He swallowed down the lump that had just formed in his throat. The tears kept blurring his view. It kept on coming. It kept falling down his cheeks. It kept dampening up on his hoodie. All the pain magically appeared inside his mind again.

Too overwhelmed. He crouched down. His hands wiping furiously away the salty drops. Frustrated, he buried his eyes onto the sleeves of the hoodie. He did not care about the time. He just wanted everything to be alright again. He just wanted to wake up every morning and see the sun shine through the curtains, and the familiar soothing, sweet voice to say, 'Good Morning, honey.' But that's not going to happen. Not ever again. It had been two months since his break up with his fiance, Jamia. He loved her. He loved her with all his heart. Hell, he still loves her. He first thought it was going to be fine. He thought everything was going to be back to normal. He thought he could get over her. He thought he could let her go. But all of that was nothing, but lies. He had been crying more often nowadays. He had stopped going to band practices. He had to force himself to eat and drink, even though it was junk food, like potato chips. He had been smoking at least 3 packets of cigarettes each day. He was a mess. He had lost a part of his soul. He was as lost as an ant trapped in an empty plastic bottle.


Shocked by the voice, he jumped slightly and wiped his eyes before turning his head to see who it was. For a second, he thought he just went cuckoo. All he saw was darkness. It took him a while to see clearly that there was a person standing behind him. The person wore a pair of black trousers, a tight black shirt with a black leather jacket on top of it. The greasy and messy shoulder length black hair shone under the moon.

"Gerard?" Frankie whispered softly, confused and surprised to see his band mate. It had been more than a month.

Gerard knelt beside his broken friend. He took his freezing cold hands and pulled him up. They both stared into each others eyes. Gerard couldn't stand the pain his friend was going through. He never thought Frank would end up like this. He always thought Frank was a lot stronger than this.

The thing was Frank didn't know that Gerard actually likes him and more than just good friends. Gerard likes him so much that when he heard that Jamia and Frank was engaged, his heart felt like it had been shot through by an arrow, but he could only be happy for the both of them. He knew Frank loves Jamia, so, he couldn't possibly be so selfish and just ripped them apart. But he also knew that Frank only sees him as a good friend, a brother. Now, he only wanted to help Frank carry the burden.

"You're freezing," Gerard finally spoke in a soft tone.

Frank yanked away his hands from Gerard's. "Why do you care?!" he spat back.

Shocked and hurt, all Gerard could do was stare back. Frank groaned and started down the street, leaving Gerard alone in the cold, wet pavement. He got the message. He stood there and watched his band mate disappeared into the dark.


"G! How long do we need to go on like this with the band?" Mikey asked for the billionth time and every time Gerard just either ignored him or mumbled a 'I-dont-know.' But this time Gerard sighed and lowered the Guitar World magazine from his eyes. He looked at his younger brother. His expression was one of concern and annoyance. Mikey ignored the possibility of his brother getting mad. "We might actually split up, G!" he confronted.

Now, Gerard seems sad. "I know, Mikey. I know," he sighed. "I saw Frankie a couple of days ago. He's in a complete mess. What can we do? I tried to help but he refused."

Mikey thought for a while. Gerard wondered what his younger brother was planning. Out of the blue, Mikey scurried around his jean pockets. After a few seconds, he took out his mobile phone. He clicked a few buttons and put it to his right ear. Gerard sighed again. "It's not going to work, Mikey. We all tried calling him. He's just as stubborn each time. It's no use," he said.

"Hello?" Mikey said. Gerard glanced at his brother.

"Frankie?" Mikey's expression slowly changed to one of horror. He turned to Gerard. "G! Go to Frankie's! He's... he's in trouble!" Mikey shouted.

"WHAT?!" Gerard stared in disbelief. His body paralyzed. Nothing came across his mind. It was completely empty. Completely blank.

"G!" Mikey shouted again. This time, Gerard came crashing back down to Earth. He leapt to his feet. The magazine fell onto the green carpeted floor. He ran to the door and out of the house. He ran with all his force down the street. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He halted and turned left and continued running. 'Frankie! Wait!' he yelled inside his head. Those were the only words ringing in his head. He stopped and struggled for oxygen. The pulse of his heart rung in his ears. Beads of perspiration were already forming on his forehead. He leaned forward, hands on his knees. He inhaled and exhaled. "I have to continue," he told himself. His head was feeling a bit dizzy. He stood straight and ran again. Not even close to giving up.

Minutes later, he was facing a typical suburb house. "I'm here!" he gasped between breaths. He tried to turn the doorknob. "Fuck!" It was locked. He went to the living room window. He pushed it up. Fortunately, it budged and he climbed in. The living room was like a junk yard. Empty packets of cigarette boxes, crushed cans of beer, empty bags of potato chips, practically every single imaginable type of junk food was found in the pile. He kicked on a beer can and searched the kitchen. No Frank.

He dashed up the stairs. First, the bedroom. Messy, but no Frank. Music room. A wreck, but still no Frank. He turned a full 360 degrees. "Bathroom! Why didn't I think about it?!" he scolded himself mentally. He turned the cold doorknob. It didn't open. He banged on the wooden brown door with his fists. "Frankie! Frankie! It's Gerard! Frankie!" he yelled and kept on pounding on the door. He paused for a moment. Hoping for a response. Nothing. Not a sound.

Not surrendering, Gerard took a few steps back and ran towards the door; his left shoulder collided with the solid wood. He took a deep breath. A few more steps back and he dashed towards the door. A loud thud but that was all. Panic started to rise inside his mind. He ran to the end of the hallway and ran forward. All his might, all his pain. He collided with the door again and this time it opened and unable to stop, he hit the cold, hard white-tiled wall. "Ow!" A shot of pain was sent up his shoulder and to the rest of his body. He gripped onto his shoulder and scanned the bathroom. 'Where is he? Where's Frankie?' He browsed the whole room twice before spotting Frank lying inside the bathtub. "Holy crap!" he swore and hurried to Frank, kneeling down.

Frank, paled, all the colors of his face, all the colours of life drained from him. His mobile phone still in his right hand. His breathing was shallow. Gerard could see his chest rise and fall slowly. He was breathing through his mouth. He wore a brown short-sleeved t-shirt. He hadn't shaved in days. Dark circles around his once glowing eyes, which were now bloodshot. Dark red liquid flowed smoothly from his left wrist. His black pants were soaked in it. There was too much blood.

"Oh, Frankie!" Gerard gasped in shock. "Why?" He touched Frank's cheeks. It was cold. "Frankie," he whispered, caressing his cheek.

Frank turned his head in slow motion. "Gerard," he breathed and smiled weakly.

"Why, Frankie? Why?" Gerard asked. He took away Frank's mobile phone and held onto his right hand with both of his hands. It was cold. He brought it close to his face. "Why, Frankie?" He was confused.

Frank continued to smile. "It's too hard to live, Gerard. I love Jamia," he croaked.

Gerard's heart skipped a beat. "But you don't need to take away your own life."

"Yes, I do, Gerard. Yes, I do. Other than Jamia, no one else cares about me, Gerard."

"I do! The band does!"

"Not like Jamia, Gerard."

"I do, Frankie! I love you!" Gerard confessed.

Frank's smile broadened. "Thanks, Gerard."

"No, Frankie. I really mean it! I really love you!"

Franks grip tightened around Gerard's hands. "I know," he whispered and coughed.

"Then, why did you say no one does?" Gerard asked, trying his hardest to understand.

Frank smiled, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, his grip loosened.

"Frankie?!" Gerard held onto his hand harder. "Frankie?!" he shouted this time.

A tear fell from Frank's left eye. It flowed down his cheek and dripped onto the brown shirt. "No!" Gerard let go of the hand and grabbed Frank into a hug. "Frank!" He kept on shouting his name onto Frank's shoulder. Tears flowed out of his eyes.

He knew at the moment he saw Frank in the bathtub that he wouldn't be able to survive, but he couldn't comprehend with reality. He did not know how long he had been mourning. He will not let go of Frank. This was even harder than the death of Elena, his beloved grandmother.

"Gerard?" someone called. He wiped his eyes and looked up to see Mikey by his side. Gerard hugged Frank tighter. "Gerard," Mikey began. "You got to let go." He knelt beside his brother and gently pulled him from the corpse.

"No! No! Mikey!"

"Gerard. You have to!" Mikey tugged at his brothers arms again. It was to no avail.

"Mikey! I love Frank! I love him! Do you understand me?! I love him! He was a part of me! He was my other half!" Gerard yelled.

Another drop of tear escaped Frank's eye without anyone's knowledge. Though, he was no longer alive, he thought death could solve the problem, get rid of the pain inside him, but little did he realized it had created another broken heart. Another soul had been ripped because of him, because of his irrational thoughts. He wasn't able to do anything now. He no longer walks the road that us humans do. He no longer had to suffer the things we do. He no longer had to think of ways to overcome the obstacles that we face. He is forever gone and with him, he took the other half of another human's soul.

The End

Quote: When it gets dark you can see the stars. Lee Salk.

Feedbacks? Good or bad I don't mind! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Wed Oct 08 2008, 12:41

You killed frank. I hate you.


Very very well written I think......

I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene...
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Chemical Missiles Proffesor

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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Thu Oct 09 2008, 08:59

I 'm sorry. It wasn't planned. I just wrote it spontaneously and half way through it I actually accidentally wrote it in first person instead of third and I cried in the end. I guess I was pretty emotional when I wrote this. And THANK YOU so much for reading it and giving this story a chance and commenting! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Thu Oct 09 2008, 11:18

i like the suspense in it..
i think this is very well written too.

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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Thu Oct 09 2008, 11:57

kinda sad huh..... Crying or Very sad

well...it's good...really... Smile

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Chemical Missiles Proffesor

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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Fri Oct 10 2008, 05:43

Thank you!!! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   Tue Dec 28 2010, 01:49

OMG. This story literally made me cry! You're really good!
BUUUT, you made Frankie kill himself. Tsk, tsk.
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PostSubject: Re: Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)   

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Heart Broken (One Shot/Slash)
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