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 Avril Lavigne

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Sleepwalking into Gee's hands
Sleepwalking into Gee's hands

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PostSubject: Re: Avril Lavigne   Wed Sep 03 2008, 14:15

I heard that the concert ended up early. Is it true?

I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene...
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Chemical Cookie Alien
Chemical Cookie Alien

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PostSubject: Re: Avril Lavigne   Wed Sep 03 2008, 15:22

summersnow - yeah...she has improved alot!i was so impressed..my friend asked me if she sang good that night.I said yes.
But she didn't believe me.She said avril sings like shit live.I had a fight with her over that ..lol. Then i was like... "you werent even there..how can u judge?"

ladyofsorrows - concert lasted for one hours and 15 mins.

metalslugx - i wish i could have really go to her and say hi,.
but cannot..only VVIP can meet her..:'(

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Avril Lavigne
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