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 MCRasia website

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Human Decease
Human Decease

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PostSubject: MCRasia website   Tue May 20 2008, 08:25

hey... i was thinking... since my website is more for Singaporean fans..
i was thinking to rename it to McrAsia instead..
what do you think?

it's more recognizable that way ...
i don;t know.. what do you guys think.

like we will post stuffs on my website and we can discuss topics here..

it's just a suggestion..
i think we need a BRAND to go out with.. since other regions have
their own recognizable website.. we need ours too!

my current website isnt that so 'out there' yet. maybe becoz of the name "mcrmysg"
we'll prepare for the upcoming album then we can go all out~

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Nuclear Species
Nuclear Species

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PostSubject: Re: MCRasia website   Tue May 20 2008, 11:19

i think it's sort of a good idea...but let me think about it first yeah!!what you guys think??

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Thermobaric Manager
Thermobaric Manager

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PostSubject: Re: MCRasia website   Sat May 24 2008, 15:46

i think we should join them together!
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PostSubject: Re: MCRasia website   

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MCRasia website
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