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 the umbrella academy

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PostSubject: the umbrella academy   the umbrella academy EmptySat Apr 19 2008, 07:49

so heres something about gerards comic book - the umbrella academy

Main Story
Although the Internet sample had very little to contribute to the general story, the Free Comic Book Day issue has a plot line that briefly introduces the characters as they battle the Murder Magician.

In an interview on Fuse's hit TV show "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" Gerard Way briefly mentioned the premise. The story would center around a youth, at the time he was undecided if it would be a male or female protagonist, who inherits a team of super heroes when his/her uncle dies. This team, The Umbrella Academy, was put together years prior to the story and led this uncle (presumably Sir Reginald Hargreeves)in a Professor X style and leadership is left to the youth.

Way has stated that the biggest influence on this piece of work is his favorite writer, Grant Morrison of Doom Patrol. He has also said that Pat McEown of ZombieWorld: Champion of the Worm was a big influence on his work. Way has said that Edvin BiukoviŠ is his all-time favortie artist and that "his Grendel Tales are like [his] bible to draw from". He is a big fan of Alex Toth, as well.

A preview of the series was released on November 2, 2006. The first issue printed issue, The Umbrella Academy Zero Killer Pantheon City 2007, was released on Free Comic Book Day 2007 (May 5).
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the umbrella academy
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