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PostSubject: MCRbook   Fri Feb 01 2008, 07:07

Hello fellow MCR fans!
As you all may know My chem’s coming to South America!!!! finally.. and we are a group of peruvian fans and unfortunately, they are not coming to Peru Sad Therefore, we are going to Chile on February 24th

So i decided to make this MCR book, that would have messages from their fans. Because one day I realized, how many things I wanted to say to these guys, how many times I wanted to say thank you! to them, and I wondered if other people felt the same. That's why, I came up with this idea. To start an MCRbook

This consists in:
1-Fans write like a message/letter to the guys. You can either post it on myspace (www.myspace.com/mychemicalromancebook) or write to: mcrbook@hotmail.com (We expect many messages! and you can write as much as you want, 10 pages or 1 line) Or if you want to ask them a question you can send them all, because we're gonna have a section where they can find all the questions fans have, if there are too many, we might only choose some.
2-The “MCRbook” group will then make the book, we’ll try to do our best.
3-We’ll take pictures of the book so that you can all see how it looks like.
4-We’ll try to give the book to MCR when we go to Chile. This will be our biggest challenge!!

To do all of this we need your help, we need you all to post your messages as soon as possible and tell other people about this. I am doing this book, for 2 main reasons:
1- I want the fans to have the opportunity to at least tell them how their music makes them feel, to say whatever they wanna say to them.(of course something appropriate)
2-For the guys, I'm sure they would love to receive something like this.

Maybe we will be able to give them the book (I want to stay positive, but it’s still a possibility) but I’m sure that if we’re not able to give it to them, there will be another chance to do this.
mcrbook group

P.S. you don’t have to be necessarily from south America to put your message, it doesn’t matter where you’re from
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Nuclear Species
Nuclear Species

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PostSubject: Re: MCRbook   Fri Feb 01 2008, 10:59

this is a good idea..but how many of you are working on this?do u expect any response or replies from the guys??

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Human Decease
Human Decease

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PostSubject: Re: MCRbook   Fri Feb 01 2008, 11:33

i dont think the guys will reply..
but they would appreciate it of coz..

what i know.. they boys appreciates creativity from fans..
soooooo.... rock on!! \m/ rock on
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The One And Only Mikey
The One And Only Mikey

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PostSubject: Re: MCRbook   Tue Feb 05 2008, 04:17

ive already sent my massive message to your email Smile


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PostSubject: Re: MCRbook   

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